Society of Nature is a curatorial platform that assembles multiple perspectives through artistic and design agencies. SoN aims to create awareness of other forms of knowledge production by investigating natural resources and organic forms and bringing them into a constellation of realities where human and non-human borders are blurred.

SoN consists of an online symposium and a group exhibition with seven international artists and designers: Alaa Abu Asad (PS/NL), Daniel Godínez Nivón (CDMX), Laura Ní Fhlaibhín (IE), Martina Taranto (IT), Michelle-Marie Letelier (CHL/DE), Sadra Wejdani (IR), Valentina Pini (CH) and with the participation of Yasmine Ostendorf (NL).
Society of Nature is a project curated by Arianna Guidi, in collaboration with Nomadic Shapes and Looking Forward and supported by Culture Ireland and the OnCurating Project Space in Zurich.

Where is Nature?

SoN Symposium 4 13 May 2021


Nomadic Shapes in conversation with artist Valentina Pini and Maria Luisa Murillo, director at CAB, Casa-Museo Alberto Baeriswyl – Tierra del Fuego, Chilean Patagonia.

“The morphological plasticity of the 'huiro' (Macrocystis pyrifera – seaweed) is reminiscent of science fiction alien creatures: slimy, wrapped in a gelatine membrane with vesicles filled with gas and liquid which sprout like tentacles. Sitting in the dining room of Alberto’s house, located in a remote bay in the East Riviera of the Whiteside Channel in Tierra del Fuego, my fingers trace the carvings of the dining table. I am drawing plants, long twisted stems, petals, flowers and 'huiros'. It’s the ‘blue hour’ and I observe the light shimmering above the sea.”
- Valentina Pini

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[Photo credit: Valentina Pini]

Lecture-performative reading by artist Laura Ní Fhlaibhín.

“I grew up amongst fairy spirits, and the lively powers of trees, and a menagerie that included budgies and dogs and cats and kittens and rabbits and hamsters and fish, and the sometimes benevolent, sometimes malevolent, energies of eggs. My Grandad, from the west of Ireland, was deeply connected to the layers of inhabitants and experiences and histories on and in the land and he shared kinships across temporalities and species. He understood that we lived in the midst of things, rather than atop any hierarchical tree. Rather, he played with kittens, and kittens played with him, atop his head in splendid conviviality. Was my Grandad a feminist, post human, compostist, new materialist, unbeknownst to himself? Was he an animist above all those terms?”
- Laura Ní Fhlaibhín

The event will take place on Zoom, further info here.

[Photo credit: Laura Ní Fhlaibhín]

Researcher and curator Yasmine Ostendorf is currently based in Minas Gerais, Brazil, working at a foodforest and bio-dynamic mushroom farm. Whilst tending shiitake she is developing her latest publication called 'Mycelium as Methodology'; a book about biomimicry of system-design through a mycological lens. The book aims to bring together strategies for strengthening communities, activist movements and other practices of self-organising and will form a blue-print for the Green Art Lab Alliance, the international mycelium-like network of art-organisations that she convenes.

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[Photo credit: Rogério Assis for Labverde]

Nomadic Shapes in conversation with artist and researcher Michelle-Marie Letelier.

Michelle-Marie’s Caliche Crystals is part of a long-term project called Caliche Winds, which explores the historical trade and wind sailing maritime route of the natural saltpetre. This artwork explores a real-time perception of the dynamic and symmetric growth of sodium nitrate crystals and suggests a reflection about the molecular geometry of this resource, which has been subject to scientific controversy regarding its natural sedimentation.

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[Photo credit: Michelle-Marie Letelier]

Sound performance by artists Daniel Godínez Nivón and Alaa Abu Asad.

This experimental performance is a result of the collaboration between Daniel and Alaa which sprang from the conversations and meetings of SoN curatorial platform. Two artworks merge together to create a new experience: Daniel's dreams-based work 'Essay on Oneiric Flora', and Alaa’s research on the Japanese knotweed plant and the language used to depict it: 'The Dog Chased its Tail to bite it off.'

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[Photo credit: Daniel Godínez Nivón and Alaa Abu Asad]

design & concept: Arianna Guidi coding: Lean Zheng
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